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Why Buy Property in Istanbul

Istanbul has so much to offer those looking to buy property in Istanbul. The city is filled with a rich history, vibrant culture, and strong economy – making it an attractive place to invest in real estate. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top reasons someone may want to seriously consider buying property in Istanbul.

A Location Rich in History and Culture

As you explore all that Istanbul has to offer, you’ll find a city with layers upon layers of history and culture. Formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul served as the capital city of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.


Walking through the cobblestone streets, you’ll find remnants of these empires everywhere. Locations like Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar expose you to the city’s rich past. The mix of Turkish, Greek, Armenian, and other influences give Istanbul a unique flavor. Its position straddling both Europe and Asia makes it a truly crossroads of the world. This deep history and cultural diversity make buying property in Istanbul an exciting prospect.

Buy Property in Istanbul

Opportunity in a Growing Economy

Turkey has become an economic powerhouse, boasting the largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa region. Istanbul, as the country’s economic capital, generates over a third of Turkey’s entire GDP. In the past decade alone, Turkey’s economy has grown at an average of 5% per year.

Foreign investors have taken note, with many companies establishing offices and operations in Istanbul. This strong and growing economic climate has fueled a booming real estate market. Buy property in Istanbul now offers investors potential for capital appreciation as demand rises alongside continued economic growth.

Affordable Property Compared to Other World Cities

While Istanbul property prices have increased significantly in recent years, the cost remains much lower than major global cities across Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. The average price per square meter for residential property in prime Istanbul neighborhoods is still below levels seen in London, Paris, New York City, and other internationally renowned locations.

 For those looking for an affordable place to buy property in Istanbul as an investment or for personal use, Istanbul offers excellent value relative to comparable global cities.

Prime Location with Easy Connectivity

Istanbul’s strategic location has made it a prized destination throughout its history. Sitting on the Bosphorus Strait, it connects Europe with Asia. The city has modern infrastructure to match. Including two international airports, high-speed rail links to neighboring cities in Turkey, and metro systems within Istanbul itself.


Major districts like Kadikoy, Besiktas, Etiler, and Zekeriyakoy offer waterfront living alongside easy access to business hubs and attractions via public transportation. The prime locations and connectivity of areas like these make buying property in Istanbul very appealing.

A Vibrant Real Estate Market

Istanbul has seen tremendous growth in its real estate sector over the past decade as both local and foreign investors increasingly turn to the city. New developments are transforming the skyline, and up-and-coming neighborhoods are revitalizing long-established districts with new boutique hotels, cafes, and shops.

This active real estate market means strong potential returns for those looking to buy property in Istanbul either for investment purposes or their own use. With demand surpassing supply in many desirable areas, property values continue rising steadily each year.

Incentives for Foreign Buyers

The Turkish government actively works to attract foreign investment, including through incentives for international real estate buyers. Recent reforms have made it possible for citizens of many countries to obtain Turkish residency or citizenship by buy property in Istanbul worth at least $400,000.

Other benefits include no capital gains tax on property sales after owning for at least two years. These incentives sweeten the deal for those considering buying property in Istanbul both as a sound financial investment and way to spend time in a culturally rich city with an excellent quality of life.


Convenient Mediterranean Climate

Istanbul enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The city gets plenty of sunshine year-round while avoiding extreme heat. This pleasant climate is one reason Istanbul is such a popular tourist destination.

It also means outdoor space like balconies and gardens attached to properties can be enjoyed for much of the year. The moderate climate makes Istanbul an appealing place to buy property and spend time compared to other large cities with more extreme seasonal weather.

Excellent Quality of Life

Istanbul consistently ranks highly in quality of life surveys among European cities. It offers all the cultural amenities you’d expect from a metropolis alongside a lower cost of living compared to many Western capitals. Properties in prime neighborhoods provide easy access to green spaces, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

International schools and hospitals ensure basic needs are met for families as well. A young, educated population gives Istanbul a vibrant energy. All of these factors contribute to an excellent quality of life for those buy property in Istanbul.

Final Thought

With its abundance of history, vibrant culture, strong economy, affordable real estate market, and strategic location, Istanbul presents a compelling case for those looking to buy property in Istanbul. Both local and foreign investors continue pouring money into the booming real estate sector.

For those willing to take advantage of the incentives offered to international buyers, now may be the perfect time capitalize on the many opportunities available by buying property in Istanbul. The combination of potential investment returns, affordable lifestyle, and everything this unique city has to offer make it a top spot to seriously consider for real estate endeavors.

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