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Buy Property in Turkey

As someone buying property in Turkey has been an appealing option I have been considering, I have extensively researched different international destinations. While many locations caught my eye initially, upon deeper research Turkey stood out as one of the most attractive options buying property in Turkey various compelling factors. Its strategic location between Europe and Asia, rich cultural heritage, and excellent value proposition piqued my interest to learn more about buy property in Turkey.

Beautiful Scenery and Weather

Turkey has incredibly beautiful scenery and weather. It has coastlines on the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea with turquoise waters and lovely beaches. The landscape includes mountains, valleys, plains and forests. The weather is also fantastic – hot and sunny for most of the year. Winters are mild. Who wouldn’t want to buy property in Turkey to enjoy this amazing scenery and weather!

Buy Property in Turkey

Affordable Prices

Property prices in Turkey are very reasonable compared to other European destinations. You can buy property in Turkey at a fraction of the cost of places like Spain or Greece. Prices vary depending on the location but in general, properties close to the coast or in popular towns will be more expensive than rural areas. But even coastal properties offer excellent value. Land prices are also affordable which is great if you want to build your own home. Overall, Turkey offers very affordable prices to become a homeowner abroad.

Growing Economy

Turkey has a rapidly growing economy. In the past decade, its economy has expanded significantly. It is now the world’s 18th largest economy and is a candidate for European Union membership. Major industries include automotive, electronics, textiles, and more. Employment opportunities are also increasing. As Turkey’s economy grows stronger, property values are expected to rise steadily as well. Buying property in Turkey now provides a good investment potential for the future.

Buy Property in Turkey

Proximity to Europe

Turkey’s location provides excellent access to Europe. It borders Greece and Bulgaria to the west. Major Turkish cities like Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir are just a few hours flight from major European cities. High speed train networks are also being developed to further improve connectivity. This proximity to Europe makes Turkey very appealing to foreign buyers who can visit easily. It also opens up the potential to buy property in Turkey as a holiday home or for short term rentals to European visitors. The location is super convenient.

Developed Infrastructure

Over the past decades, Turkey has invested heavily in developing its infrastructure like roads, railways and airports. Major coastal cities now have modern airports connected to worldwide destinations. Road networks connect all regions within the country. High speed rail lines are being built between cities. There is also a good network of hospitals, schools and community facilities. This developed infrastructure makes life very comfortable for residents and attracts foreign buyers to buy property in Turkey.

Low Living Costs

While property may be affordable, the overall cost of living in Turkey is also very low compared to Western nations. Expenses like utilities, food, domestic help are very reasonable. Healthcare is also affordable with many modern private and public hospitals. English is widely spoken in major cities and towns, which makes settling in easy. Low living costs allows property owners to stretch their budgets much farther. Retirees especially find Turkey very appealing given the low cost of living.

Citizenship Opportunities

Some Turkish cities offer citizenship opportunities by buying property in Turkey. For example, buying a home valued over $250,000 in the Aegean city of Izmir provides eligibility for Turkish citizenship through the country’s citizenship by investment program. Other cities may introduce similar schemes. Turkish citizenship opens up the ability to live and work freely within Turkey and travel visa-free to many countries. This adds to the appeal for foreign buyers.


Cultural and Historic Attractions

As the cradle of ancient civilizations, Turkey has countless historical and cultural attractions that fascinate visitors. From iconic landmarks like the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, to underground cities and ruins of ancient Greco-Roman settlements, there is no shortage of places to explore. Turkey also has a rich cultural heritage with influences from Eastern and Western traditions. Festivals, cuisine and art further enhance the cultural experience. All these attractions are a major draw for tourists and home buyers alike to buy property in Turkey.

Welcoming Lifestyle

Turks are known for their warm and welcoming nature. Despite differences, Turkey has managed to maintain a secular yet ethnically diverse society. Daily life has a perfect blend of modern and traditional elements. A property allows one to immerse in the local lifestyle – sipping Turkish coffee in neighborhood parks, shopping in bustling bazaars, socializing over meals. The welcoming culture adds to the appeal of buying property in Turkey.

Final Thought

Turkey has so much to offer foreign home buyers across different aspects like lifestyle, investment and tourism potential. Purchasing real estate allows you to benefit from the country’s economic growth story while enjoying a vastly improved quality of life. With its natural and cultural treasures, affordable cost of living, and strategic location – Turkey truly stands out as a top choice for those looking to buy property in Turkey. I would highly recommend exploring the market to find your ideal home and take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

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