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Best Place To Buy Property in Turkey

Finding the best place to buy property in Turkey can seem like an overwhelming task with so many gorgeous locations to choose from. Wherever you decide, doing thorough research is key to ensure you pick a place that suits your needs and investment goals. Here are some top options to consider.


Best Place To Buy Property in Turkey

Izmir is often called one of the best place to buy property in Turkey. Located on the Aegean coast, Izmir has beautiful sandy beaches and access to many historic sites. The landscape is absolutely stunning.


Izmir also has a strong economy focused on trade, tourism, and industry. It has seen steady economic growth in recent years, making it a good place to put your money. As an international city with a growing expat population, especially from Britain and Holland, your property will have a ready market of international renters.

Property prices, while not the cheapest, are still reasonable compared to other prime locations. You can find a decent apartment or villa for under 200,000 euros. Prices are also rising steadily so your investment is likely to appreciate over time.


Best Place To Buy Property in Turkey

Another best place to buy property in Turkey is Bodrum, located on the southern Aegean coast. Bodrum has one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world with its azure waters and white-washed villas dotting the hillsides. The scenery alone makes it a great place to own a holiday home.

Bodrum caters to wealthy Turkish nationals and foreign buyers looking for luxury seaside living. Properties tend to be higher-end villas and apartments with amenities like pools and ocean views, ensuring great rental potential.

Bodrum sees masses of both domestic and international tourists every summer, almost guaranteeing rental income during peak seasons. Many European buyers have snapped up Bodrum real estate in recent years, pushing prices up steadily.

As a playground for the rich and famous, owning property here means enjoying an exclusive lifestyle and community. While more expensive, for those seeking luxury living and a prime location, Bodrum is one of the top places to invest in Turkey.



Offering beautiful scenery and a slower pace compared to bigger resort towns, Fethiye frequently makes the list of best place to buy property in Turkey. Fethiye is surrounded by mountains and has access to places like the stunning Oludeniz Blue Lagoon.

While still a developing tourism destination, Fethiye sees steady visitor growth each year. Increasing rental demand and investment potential long term. Another major selling point is the very reasonable prices – you can find a nice 2-bedroom apartment near the water for under 150,000 euros.

Fethiye retains an authentic Turkish character and is located near many top attractions in Turkey, making it ideal for families or those seeking Turkish culture and adventure.


Trabzon is located in northern Turkey on the Black Sea coast, a more remote area compared to the Aegean coast. Despite its location, Trabzon has developed into a thriving port and tourism industry hub.

The city is surrounded by forests, mountains, and coastal views meeting the sea, giving it truly stunning natural scenery. Trabzon is also historically and culturally significant as a former capital of the Empire of Trebizond. While development is still underway compared to places like Antalya, Trabzon has shown steady economic growth in recent years.


Property prices remain very reasonable, often less than half the cost of popular destinations. For those seeking a less discovered gem offering both natural beauty and investment potential, Trabzon is undoubtedly one of the best place to buy property in Turkey.


Near the bigger hotspot of Bodrum lies the Datça Peninsula, a remote area gaining attention from foreign buyers. Datça has a slower pace of life and equally gorgeous coastline dotted with small fishing villages and unspoiled islands.

It retains an authentic local character yet has become a haven for Turkish and international expats looking for a relaxed lifestyle at affordable prices. As more discover this hidden Turkish treasure, property values are on the rise.

Datça offers the same stunning natural scenery found elsewhere at a fraction of the cost. For those seeking natural beauty and the chance to invest early in an up-and-coming area, Datça presents a truly the best place to buy property in Turkey.


Ayvalik, a town nestled in Turkeys Aegean area is an underrated gem worth exploring. With its harbor embraced by groves and mountains cascading into the sea Ayvalik exudes a traditional Turkish coastal charm that has been gaining popularity especially among European buyers.

Its proximity, to cities like Izmir adds to its appeal. Despite the increasing interest from both locals and foreigners property prices, in Ayvalik remain relatively affordable compared to sought after destinations.

They are gradually appreciating as more people uncover the beauty of this hidden paradise. With its natural beauty, authentic charm and strategic location, Ayvalik offers both investment opportunity and an exceptional lifestyle, truly making it one of the best place to buy property in Turkey.

Final Thought

The country presents a wealth of gorgeous locations worth exploring when seeking the best place to buy property in Turkey. Turkey boasts a variety of regions, from known tourist hotspots on the Mediterranean coasts to hidden natural treasures waiting to be discovered.

Potential buyers can make decisions by researching factors like investment opportunities, rental demand, property trends and lifestyle compatibility to find areas that align with their goals and dreams. While popular resort towns are in the spotlight emerging locations in Turkey could become sought after destinations in the future.

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