Apartment For Rent in Izmir Turkey

Finding the perfect apartment for rent in Izmir Turkey was one of my top priorities when I decided to move abroad for work. As someone who had never lived outside of my home country before, the prospect of navigating a new city and housing market felt intimidating. However, with the right research and due diligence, securing a rental in Izmir ended up being a much smoother process than I anticipated.

Apartment For Rent in Izmir Turkey

Finding Apartments for Rent

Izmir is a beautiful city on Turkey’s Aegean coast with lots of great neighborhoods to choose from. When looking for apartments for rent in Izmir Turkey, I recommend checking out websites like Sahibinden and Kiralık to get a sense of what’s available. These sites usually have tons of listings with photos, prices, amenities, and contact info for landlords.


You can also drive around areas you’re interested in and look for “Kiralık” (for rent) signs outside of buildings. Another good option is to ask locals or expats living in Izmir for recommendations on their favorite areas. Word of mouth is so helpful when moving to a new city abroad.

Popular Neighborhoods to Consider

Some top neighborhoods in Izmir to check out apartments for rent include:

Apartment For Rent in Izmir Turkey


Karsiyaka is a lively, centrally-located district with lots of shops, restaurants, parks and a beautiful seafront promenade. Rent here tends to be more expensive but it’s very convenient to access anywhere in the city.


Bornova has a nice small-town vibe while still being super close to the action. It’s quieter than downtown Izmir but still walkable to public transportation. Expect moderately priced apartments for rent here.


Buca is a bustling residential area known for its university population and nightlife. Rents skew a bit cheaper here and it has a young, fun atmosphere. The tradeoff is it’s not as central as other areas.


Konak is right in the heart of Izmir, near all the sights and nightlife. This convenience comes at a cost though, as apartments for rent in Konak will demand higher prices. It’s a vibrant, historic area though.


Viewing Potential Rentals

Once you find some promising apartment for rent in Izmir Turkey online, it’s time to check them out in person. Here are some tips:

Apartment For Rent in Izmir Turkey
  • Bring your list of “must-haves” like number of bedrooms, amenities, parking etc. Cross off what doesn’t fit.
  • Inspect thoroughly – look for issues like cracks, damp, mold or structural problems.
  • Test appliances and fixtures. Make sure water pressure and temperature are good.
  • Ask questions! Inquire about utilities, internet providers, noise level, neighbor issues etc.
  • Negotiate! It never hurts to politely ask if the landlord will come down a bit in price.
  • Get contact info for repairs or emergencies while you’re renting.

Taking your time viewing multiple options will help you feel confident in your choice of a new Izmir apartment for rent. Don’t feel rushed into a decision.

Considering Costs

One important factor to consider when searching for an apartment for rent in Izmir Turkey is budgeting appropriately for rental prices. Costs can vary significantly depending on location, size, amenities and condition. To get an idea of typical rent ranges:

  • Studio or 1-bedroom apartments in central areas like Konak average $500-800 USD per month.
  • For 2-bedroom apartments expect to pay $700-1000.
  • Outside the core city center in places like Buca or Bornova, rents are 10-20% cheaper on average.
  • Luxury waterfront buildings may list 1-bedrooms for $1000-1500 near Alsancak or Karsiyaka.

It’s also smart to factor in additional living expenses on top of rent, such as utilities, internet, groceries, transportation and entertainment. Expect to pay roughly $1000-1500 total monthly costs for an average single person lifestyle. Of course, costs can be lowered or increased based on individual spending habits. Doing your homework on prices will help ensure your new Izmir apartment for rent fits comfortably in your budget.

Securing Your New Home

Once you find the perfect apartment for rent in Izmir Turkey, it’s time to sign papers and get moving in. Here are the typical steps:

  • Pay a deposit equal to 1-2 months’ rent, which acts as security for the landlord.
  • Sign the rental agreement ( contracts are usually 1-2 years). Make sure all parties get a copy.
  • Change the utilities into your name.
  • Get renters insurance! It’s very affordable and protects your belongings.
  • Do a detailed move-in inspection report with your landlord to document the apartment’s condition.
  • Get your mail forwarded to your new Izmir address.

Enjoy exploring your new neighborhood and city!

Final Thought

Whether you’re relocating for a job, education or simply seeking an adventure, I hope the insights shared here take some of the stress out of finding your new home base in Izmir. This vibrant coastal city has so much to offer, from delicious Turkish cuisine and friendly people to beautiful scenery and a slower pace of life. Taking the time to find the perfect apartment for rent in Izmir Turkey sets the stage for fully immersing yourself in all that this special part of the world has to offer.

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