Apartment for Rent in Alanya Turkey

Finding the perfect place to call home is an important decision when relocating to a new city. This is especially true for those looking to rent long-term in beautiful Alanya, Turkey. With its laidback Mediterranean atmosphere and abundance of natural and historic attractions, it’s no wonder Alanya has become a popular spot for expats and tourists alike. As someone currently searching for an apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey, I wanted to share some tips and insights from my own research.

Finding the Perfect Apartment for Rent in Alanya Turkey

Apartment for Rent in Alanya Turkey

When searching for an apartment, in Alanya, Turkey there are important factors to consider. Alanya is a seaside town situated on the Turkish Riviera. Known for its Mediterranean atmosphere it attracts both visitors and foreigners seeking to enjoy the sunshine.


Given its beaches, mountainous terrain and ancient landmarks it’s no surprise that Alanya’s a sought after place to reside. Let’s explore some tips for finding your ideal apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey.

When deciding on a place to stay in Alanya the citys size plays a role. Your choice should reflect your lifestyle and preferences. The old town, near the castle is rich in history. Perfect for exploring by foot. It can get crowded with tourists during peak times.

If you prefer a quieter setting areas like Kestel and Konakli offer streets not too far from the beaches. Alternatively Oba and Turunç boast developments by the coast, with all the comforts you might need. Make sure to find an apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey in an area that suits your preferences.

Factors to Consider When Renting an Apartment

Apartment for Rent in Alanya Turkey

When browsing options for an apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey, pay attention to specifics like size, amenities, and price. Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need based on how many people will be living.

Also think about any amenities you might want such, as a pool, parking spot, furnished interiors or a view of the sea. Look into the prices in different areas and types of properties to figure out your budget for renting an apartment in Alanya, Turkey. It’s usually better to rent from owners to avoid paying agency fees if you can.

Another important aspect to consider when looking for an apartment to rent in Alanya, Turkey is the condition and features of the place. Ask for photos and details to get a sense of the space. Make sure that essential things like water, heating/cooling systems, kitchen appliances and wifi are all working properly.


Also check how old the building is and inquire about any renovations. Newer buildings are often energy, with fewer problems while older homes have their own unique charm. Schedule viewings of top contenders before committing to an apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey.

Tips for Renting an Apartment

Once you’ve found the perfect apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey, there are some tips to help the rental process go smoothly. Make sure to have agreements or contracts prepared in both Turkish and English to prevent any confusion or disagreements on. It’s an idea to ask for references, from tenants if you can.

When making payments it’s advisable to pay the deposits and the initial one or two months of rent in advance through a bank transfer for security. Keep in touch with your neighbors and the building management regarding your moving in or moving out dates.

Remember to update your address details, such as for bills promptly once you receive the keys. Consider taking Turkish language lessons or using a translation app to tackle tasks. By preparing and showing respect for practices renting long term, in Alanya can turn into an unforgettable experience.

Amenities to Look for in an Apartment for Rent in Alanya Turkey

When browsing options for an apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey, it’s nice to have some desired amenities. Modern kitchens with large refrigerators are a must for any home-cooked meals. In-unit washers and dryers save trips to laundromats.


Air conditioning is important for staying comfortable year-round in the warm climate. High-speed internet allows for working or streaming remotely. Outdoor space like a balcony or terrace provides fresh air and views of the scenery.

Well-equipped gyms and swimming pools offer exercise options. Convenient parking, either on the street or in a lot, removes hassle. Apartments with these kinds of features offer an especially pleasant lifestyle in Alanya.

Benefits of Renting Long-Term in Alanya Turkey

When you decide to move to Alanya, Turkey opting for a long term rental offers benefits compared to stays. One major advantage is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and form lasting connections, within the community. Establishing a routine can greatly facilitate your adjustment to life there.

Finding an apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey also provides stable housing, so there’s no need to constantly search for accommodations. Tenants who commit to renting for a period frequently receive rental prices particularly if they enter into multi year agreements, with property owners.

Additionally becoming a resident can provide opportunities such, as securing a residence permit. In general long term renting provides stability. Enables individuals to embrace the lifestyle of the Turkish Mediterranean region.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Apartment

Hopefully this guide has provided helpful information for your search for an apartment for rent in Alanya Turkey. Here are some final tips to sum up;

  • Utilize listing platforms. Check out expat groups, on social media for recommendations through word of mouth.
  • Dive into reviews. Seek advice from fellow expats on preferred landlords or buildings.
  • Arrange multiple property viewings to compare your choices side by side.
  • Consider enlisting the help of a real estate agent for their expertise in navigating the paperwork.
  • When the rent seems high negotiate on essential amenities such, as furniture.
  • Make sure to understand the terms of the contract to prevent any miscommunication problems.

Final Thought

Alanya has a charm that combines allure with contemporary conveniences. By remembering these suggestions and advice I believe you can find the apartment to rent in Alanya, Turkey and make it your new home. If you need any assistance, during your search feel free to reach out to me. Best of luck in finding a place to stay in this locale. With patience and savvy decision making I am certain you will find the apartment, in Alanya, Turkey.

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